Voiceovertalent.com presents: Voices of Experience

Voiceovertalent.com presents_ Voices of Experience

My good mate, Doug Turkel has prepared and toiled (more likely toiled, prepared,toiled, toiled etc.) and has provided the voiceover industry with another brilliant resource (what? he’s made something else?). 

Not only will this eBook be a great read for those who are starting out in the voiceover industry, but those who are already established professionals.

Here’s an excerpt from Doug’s introduction:

“The truth is that there are no right answers. You see, everyone’s journey to voiceover success is different.

The challenge to find your way is as unique as your voice. And that’s exactly as it should be.

With that thought in mind, I decided to pose similar questions to some of our industry’s best. Their opinions represent a wide range of voiceover disciplines, including Commercials, Promos, Animation, Audiobooks, Live Announce and Narration.”

This book really does highlight the variety of paths to a successful career in voiceover. There is no one hard-and-fast rule. If you’re wondering how to dive in, why not start by reading this book? Then, build the skills and experience necessary to work as a voiceover artist and begin to discover your own path to a rewarding career.*

*Actual path not included

Posted by Matt Cowlrick


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