Great new media from the University of Southern Queensland

I’m lucky enough to work on a regular basis with the University of Southern Queensland on their broadcast campaigns and also various web media. One of the recent videos produced is this sharp little promo for the new and improved StudyDesk. Check it out below.    

New Radio Imaging Demos

OCTOBER. October? It’s been a full plate here in the Pacific Northwest. Lots of fun projects flying in and out of the studio – I’ll be sharing some of these here at a later date. Today, I’m very happy to announce that I have wrapped production on brand new radio imaging demos. I was lucky…
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Warhammer 40K – Wars of Arkhona trailer

It’s been a while! Lots has been happening and I regrettably have not made the time to update this corner of the web. There’s no better way to return to a slack news/blog page with a video from a super-fun gig! I was lucky enough to provide the voiceover for this trailer for the upcoming…
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Live Playback With ipDTL, Soundflower and TwistedWave

This morning I was lucky enough to do an ipDTL test with the fantastic Atlanta-based talent, Lance Blair. For those who aren’t familiar with it, ipDTL is an internet solution that allows one studio to connect with another (or any user with Google Chrome) in the comfort of your pajamas. Well, that is until they…
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Crowds and Socialisation

Recently we released the latest episode of LevelUp Radio which featured our discussion with Stephen McCallum from Brain Warp Studios. Brain Warp are currently running an IndieGoGo campaign for their latest IP – OOG! Clan of the Caveman. The campaign has just over 24 hours left, so please jump in and show your support.

Just having a Stickybeak

Here’s a bit of fun to start the week – late last year I recorded a TV commercial for and no, I didn’t have to wear the giant cardboard beak.

LevelUp Radio - Accountability and Productivity

LevelUp Radio – Accountability and Productivity

For a while now I have been co-producing and co-hosting LevelUp Radio – a podcast all about the indie game scene in Victoria,  B.C. We also discuss global trends/events and cover some topics that are of interest to developers and entrepreneurs. The last episode was particularly transferrable to multiple professions. Jordan Reed, Chris Tihor and myself discussed…
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Something Cool

Something Cool

Pretty much every day I go for a bike ride before I start work and take my daily look at the Olympic Mountain Range in Washington (from British Columbia). It’s different every day and always spectacular, even when the ocean is all foggy and cloudy (adds an element of mystery, I think). I’ve only ever…
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So What's All This About Faff Camp_

So What’s All This About Faff Camp?

A big part of my professional development each year is attending Faffcon. You can imagine my disappointment when I realised I wouldn’t be able to make it to Faff Camp, an event put on by the same amazing folks who bring Faffcon to life. However, when I was asked to voice a clever explainer video…
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Useful Tips and Tools to Start 2013 Off On the

Useful Tips and Tools to Start 2013 Off On the Right Foot

If you’re left-footed, there’s nothing I can do for you. Sorry. Welcome to 2013. An unlucky number that gave us just enough luck to make through the Mayan end of the world! Usually I’ll avoid posting duplicate content, but I’ve got some stuff that’s too good not to share, mostly passed on to me by…
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