Useful Tips and Tools to Start 2013 Off On the Right Foot

Useful Tips and Tools to Start 2013 Off On the

If you’re left-footed, there’s nothing I can do for you. Sorry.

Welcome to 2013. An unlucky number that gave us just enough luck to make through the Mayan end of the world!

Usually I’ll avoid posting duplicate content, but I’ve got some stuff that’s too good not to share, mostly passed on to me by my friends. So if you have already read this via my newsletter, I apologise for any double-ups.

Workflowy. Workflowy, Workflowy, WORKFLOWY. I owe my pal Amy Snively infinite thanks and possibly several organs for directing me to this incredible task management and list creation tool. Ok, perhaps I’m a little over-enthusiastic but as a self-employed person I can get excited about this stuff. Workflowy’s genius is in its simplicity.

Last week my friend Andy Bush shared a great tool to keep your business and personal life separate (particularly if you don’t work in an office environment). Again, the theme is simplicity and it’s a case of creating multiple user accounts. I do this on the Mac and it works a treat but if you’re on Windows I’m sure there’s a similar workaround.

Sticking with productivity and focus, I’ll also mention Rescuetime, which I’ve been using for about 2 years. Rescuetime is a very powerful app which grades your activity from very distracting (-2) to very productive (+2). You can also adjust those settings. I think the website is valuable in that it will help you zero in on your least productive times and perhaps see what behaviour leads you to them. In addition, if you have employees you can have them sign in to see how much time they are spending on specific tasks. If required, you can then figure out how to help them be more efficient.

I’ll finish off by sharing a website suggested to me by my friend and colleague Debbie Irwin. (If This Then That). IFTTT is a tool that helps you to automate processes, create reminders and basically save a whole heap of time so that you can do more of the stuff that requires your personal finesse. We all love that, right?? Check it out and let me know if you come up with some awesome “recipes”.

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