Google Ad Drama Time (Thanks YouTube)

What is Going On with Google Ads? We’re going to discuss the recent (and not so recent) drama that’s been unfolding between Google and advertisers. If you would like a quick recap, we highly recommend this article for a basic summary, and this article for a little more information about programmatic advertising and how it…
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A Brief History of Marketing with Memes

  Marketing Memes have started to take over, and they are about to hit big. Memes, once only to be found on Imgur and forums have now gone totally mainstream. They have been in the public consciousness for a long time but memes have now reached another level. We text them, our grandparents share them…
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tna OMS

This video Matt voiced for tna Solutions  shows how an authentic Australian dialect can grab your attention while remaining an effective way to relay information clearly.

Marketing Trends to Watch

Happy New Year everyone! We hope that the previous year has been a wonderful year for you, both personally and professionally. If you are one of the lucky ducks that receives Downunder and Over Ya Head then you will know that 2016 has been a big year for marketing and advertising. There were a number…
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Is there such a thing as a great Pre-Roll Ad on Youtube?

Pre-roll ads are an interesting beast. Many people hate them, and we know that their existence on Youtube has greatly increased the installation of ad blockers. A simple web search will bring up things similar to these: Reddit- Do intrusive pre-roll ads make you hate the company? and Pre-roll video ads: is it any wonder…
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Into Fall We Go

Fall is here and the air is clear! The leaves are changing colour and every glimpse out the window is like a postcard. It makes us think about Sonnet 73 by William Shakespeare: That time of year thou mayst in me behold When yellow leaves, or none, or few, do hang Upon those boughs which…
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September Update and Cloud Backup

We recently came across this fun spot Matt voiced for PGA of Australia (Silence the Scorecard). It is always a treat to rediscover past jobs: Matt recently returned from Faffcon: the voiceover unconference, and things are as wonderfully busy as ever here at Downunder Voiceovers (which is just the way we like it)! We are…
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Alcon Air Optix Colors Spot

“The eye, the window of the soul, is the chief means whereby the understanding can most fully and abundantly appreciate the infinite works of Nature; and the ear is second.” – Leonardo da Vinci We love the tone of this Alcon Air Optix Color spot that Matt did, every element goes together so well to…
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Video Marketing and Explainer Videos

Video Killed the Text Content (…Star?) Matt recently voiced this awesome explainer video for the new transit app Embark by Contact Light  (which is a sweet app- check it out). We love explainer videos, and this got us thinking about them- and about video marketing as a whole. Embark – Explainer Video from jonathan lindgren…
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New Downunder Voiceovers Website

Somehow it is almost May, and there have been some exciting things happening here at Downunder Voiceovers. We’ve unrolled this fancy new website with lots of great features, done a little redesign, and recorded some awesome jobs. We would also like to welcome Larissa Gallagher to the Downunder Voiceovers roster. Larissa is a talented Australian…
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