Downunder Voiceovers – authentic Australian voiceover artist

Welcome to Downunder Voiceovers.

Hi there! I’m Matt Cowlrick, an Australian voiceover artist based in North America. What does that mean? It means that you can embellish your business or brand with a professional, authentic Aussie voice. What else does it mean? You can achieve this unique branding without having to call someone who is a day ahead and sleeping because it’s 3 a.m.!

Through the marvellous wonders of online business I work with clients all around the world. Luckily, virtual jet-lag isn’t a real thing.

I’ve voiced well over 1000 scripts for a wide range of projects AND subjects. I bring this experience with me every time I hop in front of a microphone.

Hold the phone, my brand isn’t Australian nor are my clients Australian. Why do I need an Australian voice?

These days it can be hard to make your business stand out, or grasp the attention of the masses. Hiring a voiceover artist to make that message stand out is a GREAT start. Why not take things a step further and engage your audience with a fancy-schmancy international accent?

Your voice is great and all…but I was actually looking to hire a female voiceover artist.

Not a problem! I work with some absolutely stellar female voice talent that I’d be more than happy to involve in the production or simply connect you with. In fact, if you need any voice, be it U.S., Canadian, U.K., French, Spanish, German…I’d be glad to hook you up with one of my talented colleagues. If I don’t personally know a voiceover artist who speaks the language or dialect you’re looking for, I’ll try to track someone down.

Aren’t voiceovers expensive?

The cost of hiring a voiceover artist to record a script will usually be affected by a number of factors. What’s the length? Do you need it edited? How, if at all, is the voiceover being broadcast and for how long? Do you need royalty free music mixed in?

When requesting a quote, please let me know about any of these details if they are relevant. Don’t be scared! I want to help you in whatever way I can.

I need to get this voiceover, like…yesterday. When can you send it to me???

Probably pretty quickly. Again, I want to help you. Let me know what you need and we’ll work out a solution.